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A Top to Bottom Product Development Process utilizing Engineer Contract Services would look like:

We provide Services for Contract Engineering California, Product Development California and also Global Solutions.

Brainstorm: Based on performance goals and design limitations, develop creative ideas to solve difficult design problems such as helping to create a revolutionary new product and improving on an existing product.

Design: Once a brainstormed solution has been selected it is applied in a preliminary design. Always keep the design as simple as possible while ensure that it fits within the required physical constraints and design requirements. A Requirements Document and technical Specification are formulated.

Breadboard: A Proof-of-Concept model may be required to demonstrate the validity of a design. This "breadboard" model can also be used as a developmental prototype to try out different components such as springs, gears, motors and or circuit schematics or software approaches.

Engineering: Using the parameters established with the breadboard as a guide, complete tooling ready CAD models are created in Mechanical or Electronic CAD Tool packages. Shaded renderings, perspective drawings and orthogonal views with cross sections communicate the progress for Mechanical. DFM and DRC Checks, Verify Schematics & Electronic Layout.

Prototype: An accurate functional prototype of the product is created using Rapid Prototyping Technology, CNC machining, PCB Fabrication, Assembly or Alpha Release for Software. The Prototype is tested. This sample can be used to validate the design, test with consumers, show to customers, photograph for catalogs, etc.

Refine: Customer feedback and functional evaluation of the prototype drive final design changes and improvements that are implemented before freezing the design for Manufacturing or Beta Release for Software. Components are carefully checked for manufacturability.

Document: Update all Product documentation and specifications for Hardware & Software: CAD Drawings (2-D, 3-D), Bill of Materials, Schematics, Layouts, and Test Procedures. Include Outside Certification Requirements descriptive text, core and cavity surface data, perspective views, shaded renderings and computer animations.

Preproduction and Debug: ECO Controls, Assemble, Test Components, Assemblies and Systems. Evaluate the samples to help solve any problems that have been identified in early safety and performance testing and to help "groom the tooling." Digital photos of physically modified parts, updated CAD data, and/or dimensioned drawings communicate updates clearly and quickly.

Through our Contract Engineering

Our contract engineer team here on the West Coast of the United States use the latest in computer-aided development tools, including SolidWorks, ProEngineer, AutoCAD, and others as required. These tools enable us to compress the concept development and prototyping phases into weeks and days. We can transform CAD models directly into physical prototypes using either in-house CNC milling or processes such as stereo lithography (SLA) or fused deposition (FDM). If multiple prototypes are required and production of hard tooling is either cost-prohibitive or too slow, we can use soft-tooling techniques to generate production-appearance mechanical parts in a couple of weeks, with mechanical properties that rival those of hard-tooled parts.

Our contract engineers in industrial design can do everything from simple concept drawings to convey the design direction to more elaborate drawings and presentation-quality 3D models that can be used for focus groups and trade shows.

Our contract engineers develop both analog and digital electronics. Depending on your requirements, we can design an embedded micro system or build in microprocessor-like functionality without the validation challenges associated with software. From Power Circuits to RF Circuits, our Engineer Contract Services can support your needs.

On the Software Development aspect a Contract Engineer will develop everything from firmware for embedded processors to software for PC-based applications. The expertise includes real-time control systems, graphical user interfaces, image processing, web-based applications, and image processing and database development. Languages include C/C+/C++/C#, Visual Basic, Linux, UNIX, SQL, XML, OS/2, Windows 95/2000/XP, WinCE, dot Net, TCP/IP, Java and others. Upon completion of a Project you can expect from our Engineer Contract Services the following documentation: a Software Development Plan, Software Requirements Specification, Software Design Description, Software V&V Plan, Software V&V Protocol and Software V&V Report.

We support our customers in multiple industries such as commercial, consumer, government, industrial, military, and medical. Our customers engage with us at various points in the product development, engineering process and subsequently obtain deliverables ranging from concept designs, analysis to prototypes and process support tools enabling the continuous manufacture of products. We can be turned on and off at anytime. Our customers engage us for our Services for Contract Engineering California, Product Development California and also Global Solutions.

Our Engineer contract services are a multidisciplinary, experienced and highly skilled group of mechanical, electrical, software, firmware and controls engineers. The combined turnkey product development services and the contract engineers provide our customers a one-stop shop for the unsurpassed capability of developing and manufacturing innovative technology products in a flexible and manageable schedule.

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