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When my Mom was very young driving in our car with her parents in Africa, they passed a school house in amongst the hills. The young children came out singing and dancing as they saw their car and started to run towards it, they all shouted, "Bonsella " as they crowded around the car.

My Mom's Dad told her they were asking for some kind of gift or candy.They shared some of their snacks with them. So much happiness and joy to so many helped my Mom at an early age to understand the meaning of the word "Bonsella"and later in life with subsequent experiences in business transactions in stores and the like where there was always an extra something for returning customers.

We all deserve it in some form a thing of a Gift no matter where we are and what we have. We all need to allocate goodwill in some form to give and continue to receive for family , friends and in business relationships.

Another sunrise, another sunset to cheer us on, we have our little gift which will go a long way. We all have a gift to give, no matter what form shape or size.



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