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Contract Manufacturing San Diego, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Orange County, Silicon Valley, the San Francisco Bay Area and Throughout California

Whether it's contract Engineering or Manufacturing in California or overseas the basic principle is the same, the reputation of the company is only as good as the components, timeliness, and Quality Assurance of its contracted partners. Our name and reputation is our top priority and it is valued by our clients and customers alike. We are successful only through our customer�s satisfaction.

eBonsella can help with your California Contract Manufacturing and contract Engineering needs. Whether you want to keep your contract Engineering and or Manufacturing Operations here locally in California or reach out to partners in Asia, Mexico. We connect you with the top-of-the-line prospective partners from the Research and Development Labs in our Universities or Corporate R&D Centers to full-fledged manufacturing from Quick Turn Proto Type to ramp up Local and or Offshore Manufacturing. Our directory of reliable Resources allows your company and organization to remain focused on your core technology.

A contract manufacturing California ("CM") is a firm that manufactures components or products for another "hiring" firm. Many industries utilize this process, especially the aerospace, defense, computer, semiconductor, energy, medical, personal care, and automotive fields. Some types of contract manufacturing include CNC machining, complex assembly, aluminum die casting, grinding, broaching, gears, and forging and complex electronic packaging, manufacturing and assembly.

In a contract manufacturing San Diego business model, the hiring firm - typically an OEM - approaches the contract manufacturer with a design or formula. The contract manufacturer will quote the parts based on processes, labor, tooling, and material costs. Typically an OEM will request quotes from multiple Contract Manufacturers. After the bidding process is complete, the hiring firm will select a source, and then, for the agreed-upon price, the Contract Manufacturer acts as the hiring firm's factory, producing and shipping units of the design on behalf of the hiring firm.

Many well-known companies use California contract manufacturing as an alternative to operating and maintaining their own factories. Contract manufacturing can be used for anything from single components to a complete product. Printers, computers, cellular phones, and personal care products are all examples of products that are made using this method.

In an international context, unlike contract manufacturing San Siego establishing a foreign subsidiary as a Contract Manufacturer can have favorable tax benefits for the parent company, allowing them to reduce overall tax liabilities and increase profits, depending upon the activities of the Contract manufacturer.

In this globalized, competitive environment, it is crucial in the earliest stages to choose the best in class San Diego contract manufacturing , contract design, engineering and manufacturing for your specific requirements as this not only puts you on the success path for product launch but cost savings and the ability to Scale your needs to Offshore if need be. The good news is that in the current economic climate, many of the U.S. companies previously priced out of price range are now willing to make a California Solution to their contract Engineering and Contract Manufacturing deal comparable to those offered by international vendors, where flexibility, technological expertise, proximity and responsiveness are key.

The full range of contract Engineering and Contract Manufacturing San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Bay Area, and Silicon Valley and all over the West Coast is right there at your virtual fingertips, thanks to eBonsella. Whether you are looking for a military contract manufacturing California partner or a Resource for turning your Proof of Concept into a High Volume Electronic Consumer Product to be built and scaled to offshore manufacturing look to us to help. If we can�t support all of your programs we can support parts of it.

Vendors supporting San Diego contract manufacturing keep up with the latest advances in machining, die casting, grinding and other parts of the contract manufacturing process are going to be the key to a successful contract manufacturing effort here locally in California. eBonsella is constantly working the process of examination and evaluation and feedback of its listed resources and partners, so you can take comfort in the knowledge that you're dealing only with the best possible solution providers.

We are set up to provide the leading edge that you need to execute the best possible California contract manufacturing. And it doesn't just stop with the successful selection of a vendor. eBonsella remains attuned to your needs as you go through the entire qualification process, always there to serve you with attentive customer service and a user friendly web interface.

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