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Industrial Design San Diego, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Orange County, Silicon Valley, the San Francisco Bay Area and Throughout California

A great way to keep in touch with the global industrial design community is to follow the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) http://www.icsid.org/ on Twitter or Facebook. Through these leading social networking sites, the Montreal-based organization shares all kinds of helpful tips and links. We stay connected to emphasize San Diego product branding.

Similarly, when it comes to the realm of San Diego industrial design or California industrial design overall, there are many resources available with eBonsella.com. We also have our Contract Resources Site that utilizes social networking applications. Our utility is designed to connect global customers and resources with origination here on the west coast by thinking locally and acting globally. If clients are looking to San Diego industrial design, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and the rest of the West Coast including rest of the US, Mexico or Asia for product branding we have the industrial design resources here. The competitive world of industrial design has gone global and depending on Product type, i.e. Consumer Electronics, Industrial Applications, Medical Products etc, eBonsella has the available selection for you to choose. We allow companies to make best choice in class to help you find the right resource and technological partner to allow you to grow your profit margin for your either mass-produced, user-friendly product.

Separately, eBonsella offers a variety of services pertinent to the needs of San Diego industrial design, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Orange County, Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area, California industrial design clients. These include contract engineering, contract manufacturing, fabrication, machining, consulting, and sourcing. Our clientele continues to grow, see Clients page on this web site and you will find that they are as diverse as, SD Interactive, iLLumina, Rogan Medical, Cymer, Alcon Labs, Axsys Technologies all of which have come to appreciate eBonsella's ability to connect with a total solution and professional attitude that allows for successful long term relationships and partnerships.

The name, eBonsella, is derived from the successful Zulu tribe from South Africa. Savvy practitioners of San Diego product branding or California branding, we realize that partnering with the expert connections of San Diego, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Orange County and the West Coast and beyond to the Global Markets with expertise in product branding and California industrial design that they stay ahead in this highly competitive marketplace where flexibility and innovation rule. eBonsella is managed by experienced managers with a thorough knowledge of the industrial design California and its impact now and in the future.

June 29th is World Industrial Design Day but here at eBonsella we believe that every day is World Industrial Design Day. It is our goal to connect you with the resources here in the California industrial design industry in order to stay ahead in an ever changing and challenging global business world with demanding cycles. Whether it is for your PCB Design, software development, or Overseas Product Design, Manufacturing and compliance requirements, eBonsella has an industrial design California solution.

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