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Mechanical Design San Diego, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Orange County, Silicon Valley, the San Francisco Bay Area and Throughout California

The multitude of opportunitie in California and emphasis on software design expertise of the Silicon Valley, is well understood and respected . With San Diego mechanical design there is more emphasis on larger System Design utilizing mechanical design California components in the mix via industries such as aerospace, defense, and automotive.

Regardless of whether you're looking for a San Diego mechanical design or a Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Orange County, Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area mechanical design solution for automation, product development, conceptual , prototype at the local provider level or one that is finalized for the next generation product release to be manufactured offshore, eBonsella can connect you with a rich list of qualified resources. We also offer a proprietary social networking tool that allows you to manage contacts garnered over the course of the entire virtual supply chain process.

Modern analysis and design processes in mechanical engineering are aided by various computational tools including finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), computer-aided design (CAD)/computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and Failure Modes & Effect Analysis (FMEA). These modern processes facilitate engineers to model (create a 3D model or object in a computer), analyze the quality of design etc, before a prototype is created. By this the invention and experimenting with new designs becomes very easy and can be done without any money invested in tooling and prototypes. Simple models can be free and instantaneous, but complicated models, like those describing the mechanics of living tissue, can require years to develop, and the actual computation can be very processor intensive, requiring powerful computers and a lot of cycle time.

MCAD packages used by mechanical design san diego can be classified into three types: 2D drafting systems (e.g. AutoCAD, VectorWorks, MicroStation); mid-range 3D solid feature modelers (e.g. Inventor, TopSolid, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Alibre Design, VariCAD); and high-end 3D hybrid systems (e.g., CATIA, NX, Pro/ENGINEER). We here on the West Coast of the United States are familiar with these systems.

However these classifications cannot be applied too strictly as many 2D systems have 3D modules, the mid-range systems are increasing their surface functionality, and the high-end systems have developed their user interface in the direction of interactive Windows systems.

The capabilities of modern CAD systems include:
Wireframe geometry creation
3D parametric feature based modeling, Solid modeling
Freeform surface modeling
Automated design of assemblies, which are collections of parts and/or other assemblies
Create Engineering drawings from the solid models
Reuse of design components
Ease of modification of design of model and the production of multiple versions
Automatic generation of standard components of the design
Validation/verification of designs against specifications and design rules
Simulation of designs without building a physical prototype
Output of engineering documentation, such as manufacturing drawings, and Bills of Materials to reflect the BOM required building the product
Import/Export routines to exchange data with other software packages
Output of design data directly to manufacturing facilities
Output directly to a Rapid Prototyping or Rapid Manufacture Machine for industrial prototypes
Maintain libraries of parts and assemblies
Calculate mass properties of parts and assemblies
Aid visualization with shading, rotating, hidden line removal, etc...
Bi-directional parametric association (modification of any feature is reflected in all information relying on that feature; drawings, mass properties, assemblies, etc... and counter wise)
Kinematics, interference and clearance checking of assemblies
Sheet Metal
Hose/Cable Routing
Electrical Component Packaging
Inclusion of programming code in a model to control and relate desired attributes of the model
Programmable design studies and optimization
Sophisticated visual analysis routines, for draft, curvature, curvature continuity

California Mechanical Design:
Design of complex electro-mechanical systems.
Strong emphasis on robustness and manufacturability.
Extensive experience designing injection-molded plastic, sheet metal and machined parts.
Experienced with extrusions, thermoforming, EDM, castings, pneumatics, fluid handling, servo-hydraulics, and rapid prototyping.
Motor application development (stepper, servo, AC, DC, linear, fractional - 400 horsepower).

Finite Element Analysis for structural mechanics and thermal systems.
Analysis, design and verification of digital and continuous domain controls applied to complex linear and non-linear systems.
Static and dynamic analytical modeling.
DFX (Design for Manufacturability, Assembly, Serviceability).
Variable and tolerance analysis.

Prototype & Testing:
San Diego mechanical design utilizes Functional testing and process development
In-house model shop and CNC machining

Tools & Processes:
Use of multiple mechanical engineering is done by mechanical design California using CAD packages such as SolidWorks, Solid Designer, Pro/ENGINEER, Matlab, Mathematica, Cosmos, Visual Nastran
PDM based drawing revision control and integration with Agile PLM system
Agency certifications supported TUV, UL, CA, CE, and FCC.

From full-service turnkey product development to on-site engineering support, our multi-disciplinary approach incorporates systems and processes allowing clients to optimize the outcome of their project. Our exacting standard of excellence, coupled with our energetic, uniquely position capabilities as leaders in the realm of technical service providers.

There are dozens of U.S. trade associations catering to the various intricate aspects of California mechanical design, electronic and software design. Connecting with the appropriate industry organizations is no different from linking to a trusted gateway such as eBonsella, which can ensure that all issues pertaining to mechanical design San Diego are adequately addressed and handled. We constantly listen to our customers and provide feedback to our resource clients on a regular basis and this is the mainstay of how we operate.

One of the organizations that provides mechanical design vendor certification is the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)( http://www.asme.org/ ) founded in 1880. eBonsella strives to provide all levels of assurance to the process of evaluating, and selecting the right mechanical design San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Silicon Valley mechanical, electrical , electronic , software and product development design partner.

More than ever, the 21st century is a time driven by the ingenuity and boundless energy of mechanical design California, electronic , industrial and product development design. We believe that through innovation we here on the West Coast will lead the way in developing and producing the next breakthroughs in medical devices, healthcare, transportation systems, research investment, energy efficiencies and conservation methods and products, semiconductor packaging, testing and advanced manufacturing techniques for the future. eBonsella is committed to being your partner in making all this a reality whether you are located globally around the world or right here on the West Coast we ensure your experience and product launch is seamless and successful.

The best place for San Diego mechanical design or California, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Orange County, Silicon Valley, San Francisco are all amongst the innovate and creative engineers working for you, not on spreadsheets via accountants' systems but number crunching engineering designed and operated systems. To manage your mechanical design California estimates, costs, and final cost overruns, if any, you want and need the level of vendor indexed by eBonsella. The guiding principles are the same, whether your business is high tech, government, military, industrial controls, capital equipment, entertainment consoles and/or semiconductors.

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