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San Diego PCB Fabrication and Assembly Throughout Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Orange County, Silicon Valley, the San Francisco Bay Area and All Of California

Printed circuit board manufacturers are increasingly finding their way overseas in the Global Supply Chain. Large High Volume PCB Fabricators are found in Asia while here in California PCB Fabrication and the US they are more specialized technology partners with low volume high mix capabilities. Without them, everything from an individual consumer's microwave to cell phone stops working.

The world of California PCB fabrication and California PCB Assembly are extremely competitive, with sometimes only a fraction of a cent differentiating one vendor's unit cost from another. But those fractions of a cent add up. To find the very best bottom line partner for San Diego, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Orange County, Silicon Valley, California PCB fabrication and California PCB Assembly vendors. All vary by pricing, technological expertise, quick turn capability, test ability, and proximity to end users, eBonsella can help.

eBonsella and its resources specialize in Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) and have a leadership role. We offer complete design, engineering, and manufacturing services to aerospace, automotive, computing, consumer digital, industrial, infrastructure, medical and mobile OEM customers. Located on the West Coast, we help our local and global customers design, build, ship, and service electronics products worldwide by combining the advantages of a vertically integrated service offering with the benefits of a global, low-cost manufacturing base. We enable customers to optimize supply chain operations, accelerate time to market and time to volume, and reduce capital investments and production costs.

Surface Mount Technology Used by San Diego PCB Assembly and Silicon Valley PCB Assembly:
Conventional Thru-Hole
Consignment or Turnkey
Prototype to Production
Chip On Board or COB, Chip on Flex or COF, Plated Thru � Hole Technology or PTH and IC Assembly Ball Grid Array or BGA, micro Ball Grid Array or u BGA
Flip Chip Attach or FCA
Wafer Thinning, Sawing, Inspection
Die Attach by Epoxy or Eutectic
Wire Bonding by Aluminum Wedge, Gold Wedge, Gold Ball
Wire Bond Pull, Die Shear and Die Encapsulation
Ceramic Packages, Side Brazed, LCC, J-Bend, SOIC, PGA, Flat Pack, Cerquad, TO-Header, Cerdip, Leaded Chip Carrier
Turnkey and Consigned Assembly offering Design for Manufacturability or DFM, Material Logistics or MRP and Capacity Planning or CRP
Low to High Volume
24 Hour, 2-3 Days Quick Turn Services
BGA, FPGA, Fine Pitch Components
RoHS Compliance
Mixed Technology
Quick Turn

Our Resources Offer Testing Using:
Flying Probe
Functional Test
Full System Test
RF Test
Temperature Cycling
Production Test
Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
ESS Test
Cable Scan Test

Through Our Resources We Offer Contract Manufacturing Services in the Following:
Sheet metal Box Build
Electro-Mechanical Assembly
Cable Assemblies
Automotive wiring harness
Wire harness
Electrical wiring harness
Electric motor wiring diagram
Motor repair
Power supply manufacturing

Circuit Board Repair and San Diego PCB Fabrication:

We will help you identify and communicate with as narrow or broad a group of San Diego PCB fabrication , Santa Barbara , Los Angeles, Orange County, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, California PCB fabrication and PCB assembly candidates that fits your exact needs. Thanks to our proprietary social networking tool, all the contacts that you have made during this eBonsella process will be there, waiting, the next time you tackle a complex California PCB Fabrication and PCB assembly project or one that has different requirements.

San Diego, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Orange County , Silicon Valley , San Francisco California PCB fabrication and PCB Assembly requirements are easily filtered through a fundamentally process through eBonsella. Our system is designed to keep you up to date on the very latest price points of vendors in the U.S., California , Mexico, Europe, Asia and Latin America. If you requirements for PCB Fabrication and or PCB assembly is critical for time, pricing, delivery and quality we have your best resource provider today.

At the same time, eBonsella understands the challenging nature of California PCB fabrication, PCB Assembly in today�s competitive environment. It's not just about price; it's also about reliability, delivery, technology, testimonials, industry track record and certification standards that are achieved and adhered to. eBonsella is sensitive to these aspects of California PCB assembly and California PCB fabrication.

Another essential element of the San Diego, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Orange County, Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, California PCB Fabrication and California PCB assembly process is the rapid and reliable construction of a printed circuit board prototype and the Assembly. The San Diego PCB Fabrication Process can take hours to days to perfect and optimize including testing which would utilize Optical Inspection, ICT testing or Flying Probe Testing. Also, the San Diego PCB Assembly can take hours to days to complete as well and will in some cases include testing via Flying Probe or ICT testers. Even if you are just looking, at this point, for a company to help you with that first PCB phase, eBonsella will connect you with the right resource.

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